Our Coaches

Mahnaz Bhatti

Mahnaz started her career in technology in Investment Banking in 1993 as an applications developer and left in 2003 as the Global Head of Sales Technology, after also having worked on take over and merger change programs. While in her last role, she was offered executive coaching and took it, curious to know what it was all about. The results were significant. It gave her clarity and strategic focus and is the reason why she now offers this service to organisations. She works in collaboration with a company to design and deliver services, ranging from coaching programs, to a one off or a series of training/facilitated workshops. Since then she have also worked for the National Health Service and Telecommunication company’s.

She is passionate about working with people who are in leadership positions or those who are in transition into leadership roles, supporting and challenging them in their performance to get to where the organisation and they want to be.

She would consider her main areas of expertise to be in Executive performance, Increased personal effectiveness in the workplace as a Manager, Communication skills, State Management with Emotional Intelligence while tuning into their creative mind so that new ideas can flow, through generative creativity.

Mike Priestley

Mike spent an entire career as a professional developer of people he worked in tough fields where people were tested on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. He worked with salespeople, sales managers, sales directors, marketing professionals and administration staff, designing and delivering advanced level training courses in complex subjects such as advanced selling skills, negotiation skills, market positioning and business creation and development. He has personally trained hundreds of people and is happily still in touch with most of the people he developed.

He became a professional coach in 2006 having pondered the question “what is the secret ingredient that makes a person successful in their chosen field?” He studied psychology, and worked with NLP, developed clean language techniques and became skilful at listening to people and choosing the words that his clients needed him to choose for them to gain insight into their ability and potential.

With the help of his clients, he slays dragons, the Dragons of fear and insecurity and those that blocked their progress in recognising the wonderful person that they are and realising their full potential.

3 facts

Once spoke at a wedding and compared the bride to a Jaffa cake

I once worked on signage at the then new Metro Toronto Zoo and I placed a sign on the inside of the glass cage of the only poisonous snake in the world that was known to attack unprovoked. I didn’t know what it was. There was an enquiry, but it proved that the snake was afraid of Yorkshire men.

Shahid Akmal

Shahid has a passion for people and for disseminating the knowledge he has been blessed with. He is engaged in leading and delivering various training programmes in the UK and abroad.

As a Certified Trainer of NLP, Success Coach and related disciplines, he has trained in many organisations in the public and private sectors, and is a Personal Success Coach to many business executives, professionals and people from all walks of life, in the UK and internationally. He also works with schools and colleges to deliver a unique programme on ‘Brain Friendly’ learning techniques. He has also designed specialist training to help clients to overcome learning ‘disabilities’ such as ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia etc.

In his previous roles, he has had successful and practical leadership experience in the Civil Service, Private Sector and the Charity / Volunteer services.

He has served as Chair of the Education Committee for the Muslim Council of Britain, as CEO of an Educational Trust working in the UK and Pakistan, and is a founder Trustee of the Umthombo Wolwazi Trust, a community development charity in South Africa. He is a Mentor for the Prince of Wales’s MOSAIC Network, working with young Muslims from disadvantaged backgrounds.

3 facts

I was the Muslim prayer leader at a remembrance prayer event for Diana, Princess of Wales in Peterborough cathedral.

I was held up at gunpoint and robbed of everything including my glasses whilst on a trip to south Africa.

On my first international flight alone (as a 13 year old), tried to eat a face wipe thinking it was an after dinner mint!

Neil Johnson

Neil spent many years in operational management in the criminal justice system before commencing coach and NLP trainings in 2004.

Now a Master Practitioner of NLP Neil specialises in personal and professional development and coaching within the charity sector. He has also supported coach and NLP trainings for many years and enjoys seeing others grow in confidence and self-belief.

Neil also promotes professional chamber concerts at Kings Place and is grateful for the opportunities this gives him to coach young musicians in career development.

3 facts

I was once arrested for attempting to rob a Post Office

I am Cambridge University’s first non-graduate postgraduate

I can waggle my ears

Sally Denn

Sally has an unusual approach to business, so it’s hardly surprising to discover that her Masters degree is in the unlikely combination of Chemistry, Management Science and German! This ability to see synergy where others cannot is the strength she brings to her coaching and consulting.

Her background includes a bottom up knowledge of quality, from quality control to quality assurance, and standards like ISO9001 (and more complex within industries as diverse as medical and aerospace); she is a Master NLP practitioner and a European Certified NLP coach as well as a member of the International Coaching Federation.

However, Sally is very aware that a list of qualifications don’t make a business (or a person) successful; it’s all to do with practical focus and, often, a fresh approach. This is what she brings to each client – a willingness to get to grips with them and their business and help them to find the solution that really works for them.

Sometimes unconventional, Sally never takes her eye off the business ball! In football terms she’s a high goal scorer, putting her clients into the Premier League.

Olivia MacKinder

Drawing on her 13-year journey through NLP, Mindfulness and Conscious Sexuality, Olivia offers a dynamic, creative coaching experience for women. A Master Practitioner in NLP and Urban Tantra, she moves intuitively from dialogue to working gently with the body and breath when it’s needed, helping her clients release emotional tensions, ‘stuckness’ and stress.

In doing so, she creates a safe, nurturing, beautiful space for women to explore what it means to be female, on a personal level and within the context of their closest, most intimate relationships. A place to find themselves and be themselves, welcomed and loved. It’s an experience that supports the awakening of passion and sensuality, as well as the possibility for clients to connect more fully with their own confidence, creativity and flow.

For those who feel they spend much of their time holding and supporting others, Olivia brings the calmness, gentleness and compassion that allows them to let go and feel held themselves, whilst opening up the possibility of finding deeper strength, clarity and focus through a life that lights them up and inspires them.

Aamna Khokhar

Aamna Khokhar began studying human development at the undergraduate level. She has completed a degree in Psychology where she specialised in applied Psychology particularly focusing on therapeutic methods. She became very interested in childhood experiences and how they shape adulthood. She completed a PGCE in Social Sciences which allowed her to study the learning mind.

Aamna spent over a decade in the classroom developing and nurturing young people. During her years as a teacher she then decided to advance her understanding of human development by completing an MA in Education where she looked in depth at motivation and achievement.

To further her goals to create thinking minds Aamna set up Schools4Change, a registered charity, in 2012 to empower children in South Asia. Aamna is currently the Chief Executive of Schools4Change and trained as a coach in 2015 to inform both her international charity work as well as enable her to empower clients here in the UK.

She weaves mindfulness and principals of CBT into her session in order to provide a holistic experience. In her practice, she has assisted clients with a range of topics such as relationships, self-development, finding love, business coaching and goal setting.

3 facts

I eat a LOT of cheese

I collect antiques from all my travels

I make up new words and phrases and then use them as though they are universally recognised I.e. ‘trajillion’ to mean ‘a lot’

Shazia Nizam

Shazia is a serial entrepreneur, with a career spanning almost 20 years. Her first job was running record label with the likes of Nitin Sawhney where she learnt everything about what it was to be entrepreneurial, how to brand, market, PR and organise a small business. Since then she has worked as a consultant, a CMO, founded a cross cultural entertainment business in India and Middle East working with Amitabh Bachchan and now she has created a sustainable enterprise working with artisans in Pakistan. She has metamorphed through all the marketing trends from guerilla to experiential to digital and content and has run small businesses across countries and cultures.

Trained as a coach through an International Coaching Federation accredited programme, Shazia has brought her worlds together to create and facilitate collective cultural intelligence programs combining Diversity and Inclusion and Unconscious bias work with coaching to reduce misunderstanding and the notion of difference. Shazia works a Life Coach to help people see their inner wisdom and true potentials. Working with individuals, young adults, companies and executives, Shazia helps clients see the power of thought and how they can change their trajectories.

3 facts

I manage a popstar

I love to travel

I study and practice Sufism’

Asma Ahmad

Asma has worked in Post 16 Education for the last 13 years during a turbulent decade in the sector as both a manager and a facilitator of training in teaching and learning. Her experiences have been enhanced further through studying an MA in Education Management which enabled a more specialised study of developing productive teams and quality assurance.

Asma now works as an independent Educational Consultant across London supporting Colleges to improve their overall quality and performance of provision offered to young people. She is also involved in facilitating training to improve teaching and learning at a weekend Arabic School and also helps two charities that support the educational advancement of young children in the UK and abroad.

Asma is also a qualified coach and embeds coaching frameworks into the day to day interactions with teams when working in organisations and with individuals when life coaching. The work has brought her much fulfilment, especially when the person she works with reaches a state of genuine appreciation of themselves and that moment of enlightenment!

3 facts

I enjoy writing a Blog

I love to travel

I supported myself through university by working as a security guard’

Steph Davis

Steph is a coach, she works with a range of clients from freelancers, self-employed and business owners to people who have experienced cancer. Supporting them to get from where they are now, to where they want to be.

Steph has a BA (Hons) in Fashion Communication. She started her career in trend forecasting, moved into digital marketing and quickly worked towards ‘her dream’ as a Strategic Researcher.

After 8 years working towards ‘her dream’ she realised the reality didn’t match the dream and upon reflection, had been listening to her head. So she listened to her heart and quit. She became self-employed, traveled, produced Key Stage 2 reports for the Welsh Assembly, created a website and published a book whilst being funded by the Arts Council, Books Council and Kickstarter.

The Ambassador of Argentina invited her to be part of a service at the Palace of Westminster and she launched her book from the House of Commons alongside the Welsh Affairs Committee.

She realised anything was possible, trained as a coach and now operates from the idea that if we acknowledge that we are responsible for something, we then have full power and influence over it.

3 facts

Cancer shaped her life in the most positive way

Lived and worked remotely in Thailand and Argentina

Was approached to deliver a TED talk, but was unfortunately abroad

Ghazalla Hussain

My biggest achievement in life by far are my four amazing children. Being a mum at a young age was challenging to say the least but I have certainly learnt and gained so much from these unique and precious relationships and still am!

I have worked in the public sector for more than twenty years working in a variety of different roles ranging from finance, administration, management and IT.

I have always been involved with and volunteered in many community projects and initiatives. Serving a community that I am part of is enriching and empowering. I am one of the founders' of Evolve Initiative; a grassroot organisation that works primarily with young adults 18-25 years old. Our aim is to provide opportunities, activities and support to develop the skills and capability of young people to positively participate in their communities. We do this through running monthly open space sessions and an annual leadership programme where they are supported by mentors and coaches to work on a community project.

I love nature and taking walks, it keeps me grounded and encourages me to ponder and reflect on creation, I have done a few hikes although still very much an amateur. I also love reading books and have been running a book club for nearly 4 years!

I am a real people' person which is why I believe I was led to the path of becoming a coach. It was not even on my radar and so through the divine powers this came across my path and I wholly embraced it. Through this journey my desire to work with people to assist them in reaching their full potential has increased manifold and is extremely fulfilling.

3 facts

I am a chocoholic

I challenge cultural stereotypes

I've had two planned home births

Dorothy Oger

Dorothy has been passionate about the improvement of performance and personal development for as long as she can remember.  Her career, before training evolved around skills such as coordination, organisation, communication and the transfer of competencies.

As a trainer and coach for over 10 years, Dorothy continues to diversify and intensify her skills for facilitating the development of people. She designs, develops and delivers training in French, English and Dutch for a multi-national audience (especially European Union), where her experience to date has mostly been with middle management.  She works for the European institutions, for international NGO’s, and for multinationals.

An expert in Group Facilitation through a number of different methodologies, Dorothy has been able to help organisations define strategies. She has also covered team effectiveness, time management, mind mapping, speed reading, e-mail and task management, and self-leadership.

3 facts

Rides an electric motorbike

Is a fan of Deep Space Nine (Star Trek) and dislikes Star Wars

Multiple Tedx speaker

Sakeena Adamjee

Sakeena has won awards for her conceptual ideas and performances using dance as a medicinal tool for wellbeing.  She has worked on a variety of projects that help facilitate a sense of empowerment and human connection through the arts. 

Sakeena is an experienced consultant teacher who trains and advises on how to develop inclusive practice within schools.  She has been involved in setting up a community school for parents and children in need that used the arts as a therapeutic and educational tool. In August 2016,  Sakeena took these skills out to Ritsona refugee camp in Greece and advised humanitarian NGOs on education systems in a crisis.  She was involved in setting up an emergency temporary classroom and designing the curriculum. She also carried out some therapeutic work with the women in the camp delivering therapeutic dance sessions in the camp women’s centre.

Throughout  Sakeena’s ever evolving journey through an ecelectic mix of professional and personal experiences, she feels a strong sense of alchemy flowing through the constant discoveries and challenges in life.  She believes we are all in different boats sailing in the same direction.  Coaching is an opportunity for her to sail alongside her sailor companions co navigating towards wherever they truly aspire to be.

3 facts

I’m a compulsive day  dreamer

I’m addicted to grapefruits, avocados and crisps

I walk into lamp posts all the time!

Diana-Elena Morosanu

Diana is a Coach/Therapist and Holistic Trainer

She was always fascinated with the complexity of human nature and started her research as a child, discovering step by step human psychology, and the energetic and spiritual side of humans.

Personal life experiences have pushed her to taking up a vast series of personal development and spiritual courses with the desire to bring ease, consciousness and joy to the lives of people. She now contributes to a variety of work sectors – Corporates, Sales, Education, Real Estate, Health and beauty along with complementary therapies.

She specialized in coaching, Theta healing and Access Bars, to gain more skills to bring her contribution where needed.

Diana believes that it is not the unpleasant situations in life that represent a problem for people, but the way we deal with and overcome them. 

3 facts

Addicted to essential oils; 

She loves to drive and to travel and loves Maya

She is an Access Bars facilitator/trainer

Rizwana Saleem

Growing up as a Londoner was nice but also quite over-whelming with the lifestyle I had. Working 7 days a week I was balancing my 3 jobs, finishing one shift and starting another at another place. It was my daily routine for years. I became so used to it that I started to forget about what I really enjoyed. I had no time for a social life.

One day I woke up and thought to myself, I need to do something with my life. I need to do what I enjoy and do it properly. I realised Massages were my strongest passion. I got told I had ‘healing hands’ by the sick and the elderly which was a big satisfaction for me.  Helping people to feel better made me feel great. I got my Business ‘Healing Secret’ started up and took my services to charity events around London where it became a great success.

I had met so many amazing people in my life, and most of all, clients who opened my eyes to ‘Life Coaching’.  One of my very first clients and my very good friend now, who was an ICF accredited Coach and delivered a certified ICF Coach Trained Programme –  Mahnaz.   She had always told me I had the potential to become a life coach and I decided to take part in the courses that were run by her. I met lots of amazing people, meditated, took part in intense powerful mind activities, stayed in the room with curiosity, and left with tears of satisfaction. I had no clue what impact it would have on my life. 

I wanted to be coached before I could be a coach, so I could know and appreciate it.  Initially I wanted to better myself in life, help myself to understand who I am as a person, and then help people out there in reaching their full potential.

I am currently on a very exciting journey where my experiences have lead me to my dream. I work in the Middle East and through this journey I have many exciting plans, two of them: Coaching in Qatar and publishing my very first book!

I enjoy sharing my experiences to empower others in living a life they love, and making everyone aware that nothing in life is impossible!

3 facts

I am a big foody!

I have done sky diving!

My most favorite hobby is BOXING!

Waqas Aman

Waqas Aman is a member of the first batch of Coaches trained by Noorworks in Pakistan. Waqas is a graduate of IBA Karachi which is the leading business school in Pakistan. He has worked in the corporate sector for over 14 years and has worked in some of the leading multinationals in Pakistan.  During his career he has worked in Coaching Sales as well as Supply Operations managers. He has also successfully executed Change management programs in complex environments. Among the numerous assignments during his career, Waqas has worked on developing growth strategies by working in leadership teams of multiple organisations. As a Sales leader he now coaches a team of approximately 40 people directly and indirectly helping them achieve their goals and take on challenges. Waqas is also an active member of the mentorship program at a leading University helping students transition from student life to practical life. He is passionate about developing the youth of Pakistan and helping graduating students find their purpose and direction in life.

3 facts

A cricket fanatic and learnt many coaching and leadership tips from cricket coaches and captains.

I love Vegetarian food

I enjoy Yoga

Kashif Shahzad

Kashif's life purpose is to inspire others to believe in themselves, expand their perspectives, and find their meaning of life. Seeking this purpose and his true calling. Kashif pursued a life coaching program with NoorWorks. Kashif is now a certified life coach and is currently working at EY as people’s coach, mentoring and inspiring a team of 60 plus people to achieve excellence in their chosen fields of interest.

Kashif is also a certified NLP practitioner and is passionate about working with young people who are in leadership positions or those who are in transition into leadership roles, supporting and challenging them to achieve excellence in their lives and careers.

Kashif has 10+ years of experience in developing and supporting leaders in the field of digital transformation, complex systems integration, business process reengineering, and operations excellence. He has 15 plus years of experience working at a few blue-chip companies including IBM, Siemens, and EY where he has built teams from scratch and has hired, groomed and has coached many people. Kashif has also offered several pieces of training for large corporations including Toyota Motors, British American Tobacco, Colgate Palmolive, and Pepsi Cola.

Kashif has a master’s degree in International Business Management and has an Engineering degree.

3 facts

He is also a stand-up comic and writes poetry.

He loves travelling especially going to mountains.

He loves sufi music.