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NoorWorks Coach Training Programme

This certified course has been designed for those who wish to learn the Art of Coaching

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Visionary Leadership Programme

An evolving, unique and adventurous 5 day programme which runs throughout the year.

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Mahnaz Bhatti is the founder of NoorWorks. A "Conscious" Coaching and Training company which has evolved organically since 2003. Mahnaz has a background in technology - working in the private banking sector and decided to train as a coach in 2003 after experiencing executive coaching first hand and realising that this is what technology and business executives needed in their work to transition from management to “authentic” aligned leaders. She left her executive role and has invested in her work ever since. An ongoing journey of discovery.

Having made huge changes in her professional and personal life, Mahnaz now runs her own organisation which has both private and corporate clients and has expanded into the community space (The Discovery Space). Mahnaz is passionate about people living in a world in which they belong while leading their own path - which may well be one of a path less travelled. Mahnaz works with a cohort of exceptional Coaching Associates. "We are a business leaning towards social objectives. To empower people to live from their true calling while supporting our evolving communities."

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