An opportunity to Invest & Educate

At NoorWorks we have a strong ethical pull towards community growth, development and well being. 

One of our clients has given us the idea of creating an anonymous “pot” where anyone can contribute towards the investment of an individual or a collective group in their community – anonymously.

Your funds will be used to supply one of the following services to community initiatives or for those who are unable to afford coaching prices.

So here are some options :

  1. Investing for a package of coaching for an individual (6 or 9 sessions)   
  2. Investing in a place for a person/people in the community on one of our courses – “The Coaching Programme“ ©, “Visionary Leadership Programme” © or our “Well Being Space” ©.    
  3. If you would like to make an anonymous donation this will support the ongoing creation of our Podcasts.  


If you would like to refer someone for coaching or the programme, or to come onto one of our courses, do email us and we would be happy to connect with them.  


We welcome your donations to support our community work through coaching, training and development.