The Somatic Journey

The Somatic Journey

Tribal tales tell the story of a tribal village where the chief would beat his drum as the core heart beat for the rest of the village to naturally connect and work together. 

His core drum beat was the heart beat of the village.

His drum beat was synchronised with his own heart beat.

A rhythm which came from his core and spread like energy waves to others in the village.

The Somatic Journey © was created by Mahnaz Bhatti to bring individuals back to their own natural leadership and pathways.  An intentional space which allows natural movement of the mind, body and soul in order to quieten the mind and connect to ones inner wisdom.  Following experiences with other movement practices over the years, Mahnaz has created a unique space which is about exploring and pushing the boundaries of the "mental map" which we all have within us.  Whether this is fear about the future, a lack of confidence or letting go of pass experiences, this process encourages people to go beyond those mental limitations and to simply let go. Something which isn't necessarily easy.  

It is said that the somatic mind (our body/physical makeup) has its own unique syntax/memory. Generally built up from life/ancestral experiences and yet it is one of the most poorly recognised tools we have.  To get the power of its ability and to "feel" an authentic connection to its wisdom,  Mahnaz will take you through a journey through movement.

The process is very much personal and unique to every individual. It encourages people to become liberated as it is free from choreographed processes where you are led by another.  This allows delegates to follow their own natural and personal path - within the session and maybe in turn in life. 

The Somatic Journey © is a safe space which allows for an emotional, physical and spiritual connection to your own body, allowing you to let go, connect and rejuvenate.  Reconnecting you with your own innate "power" - presence,  loving energy,  healing and even sometimes gaining clarity.  Becoming more connected with your inner compass which is quietly directing you all the time and bringing you an increased awareness in our world. This not only has an impact on your personal life, but also relationships too. 

Show up and work with what is there in the moment.   That's where the magic is and wisdom lies. Here and Now.  

Time :  45mins - 1 hour. 

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We also run a 1/2 hour space for children. Contact us for more details.