NoorWorks Coaching Webinar

NoorWorks runs a monthly one hour online webinar with the open community to actively support and help self leadership through coaching and conversation.  And who knows what other connections, ideas, insights and wisdom will be shared. 
Each webinar will be hosted by a NoorWorks Coach and will take place at 9pm on the last Monday of every month. 
If you are interested in being a part of this circle, email us at and we will email you the link for the next webinar.  If you have a something which you would like to explore, do include this in your email as a question and we will address it in the session. 

There is a £10 fee for each webinar [wp_cart_button name="NoorWorks Coaching Webinar" price="10"]  

or you can book a year in advance for £100. [wp_cart_button name="NoorWorks Annual Webinar" quantity="1" price="100"]  

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