25 March 2021

Simplexity of Human – by Mohammed Ali

                       We are amazing creatures simple and complex at the same time, it’s hard to describe how the human pattern works in a sentence or even an article. We are […]
11 March 2021

I Took A Knee – by Smita Caulker Tomalin

                       A few weeks ago, Priti Patel, Home Secretary for UK and a woman of colour, made a statement that was shocking in its disassociation from simple human empathy. She […]
10 March 2019

The Art of Unlearning

“You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime” Chinese proverb This is a statement which has resonated with […]
20 February 2019

All Behaviour is Purposeful

What is the best way to acknowledge those in our world who have “questionable” behaviour? Surprisingly – through reward. By seeing, hearing and accepting them for where they are any given moment. While training at NLPU at the Trainer and […]
2 January 2019

Happy 2019 and a review of 2018

We never know what’s going to happen until it’s come to pass. 2018 has been a year of incredible insights and unexpected progress. With lots of letting go, new adventures, connections and taking a path less travelled. A year which […]
18 June 2018

The Shadow

While on a sunny school run my daughter felt compelled to stamp on my shadow. I instantly moved away and a little game began. We started to step on each other’s shadows and the game suddenly became intense and very […]
16 May 2018

"The cloud from within" by Alex Balsells

The cloud had a name, they called her Nuna, and she was generous with the village by giving plenty of water, despite many other areas being drought ridden. However one day, without any reason, the cloud slowly disappeared. As it fell […]
2 January 2018

"Life Can Be Humbling If You Let It" by Ahmad Jooma

*Life Can Be Humbling If You Let It* On the journey of life, the lessons never stop. I’ve found myself reflecting on the beauty of the human experience. From children, we grow and fall in love with happiness. We have […]
4 December 2017

To Accredit or not, that is the question….

And the answer for me, is NO. It feels like a radical move, becoming more vulnerable in the world and at the same time, it’s liberating.   I have recently made a decision (or may have already made a decision […]
10 October 2017

A journey with the 3 Principles

While training an NLP module in Lasi, Romania in May 2018 I was asked if I would be interested in speaking at the NLP congress in Bucharest in October about something which I had only really understood in March this […]
7 July 2017

From being Still, I had no idea just how much can happen…

It’s illogical. Being STILL has made so much happen. Effortlessly. And it has been amazing and productive.  Partly this has been forced due to my leg injury. And partly because I have become more aware of my own personal thinking. And as […]
17 March 2017

The Discovery Space (

                I’ve recently immersed myself into another way of being. Well, it’s not new, it’s something I know I slip in and out of. It’s what I would describe as a place of […]
13 October 2015

"Collective intelligence" by Dorothy Oger

  “Collective intelligence Is not just a gathering. It is a meeting of the souls, Of the hearts and of the minds. It takes a village to raise a child. It takes water, sun, wind, stillness and a fertile soil […]
16 January 2015

"The Writer Within" by Saema Shaikh

On our Health Space in Cyprus last week, one of our guests created this beautiful piece. It’s the first time she’s shared her writing in public with group, and I know there will be more to come. Thank you Saema. […]
2 December 2014

For A New Beginning

In out-of-the-way places of the heart, Where your thoughts never think to wander, This beginning has been quietly forming, Waiting until you were ready to emerge. For a long time it has watched your desire, Feeling the emptiness growing inside […]
9 November 2014


As I sit on the train travelling to destination i known nothing about, I watch the commuters, the majority of whom are asleep. Like a herd of cattle moving in line with a process and system that they aren’t even […]
20 October 2014

The Drummers beat

Following a drumming session and body workshop, I was reminded. Reminded about my connection with our earth, with my soul, with the divine. “I’m here to prepare the planet for our future generations. Despite what society or friends and family […]
10 May 2014

Being called to action…

I feel compelled to write this blog after attending an excellent workshop this week entitled ‘The He’Art of thriving’. It was delivered by Kimberly Hare of Kaizen Training and was based on the 3 principles: Mind Consciousness Thought Living from […]
22 April 2014

What they don't teach you at Business School…

I recently read this article in Forbes magazine, which highlights the skills gap when investing in an MBA. Enjoy the article!
15 December 2010

Failure is only the beginning

When someone experiences failure, no matter how big or small, that individual has a higher degree of significant experience than most of their counterparts. It implies risk taking, lessons learnt, facing challenges and a high probability of taking responsibility which […]
10 November 2010

Coaching OR Mentoring

I’m becoming increasingly more aware that there are a number of differing schools of thought with regards to coaching and mentoring. Well, here’s my take, which has been shaped very much through personal experience at work and through trainings. Mentoring […]
29 October 2010

The Depths

While doing some research it dawned on me that my work is not about going to coach or train in an organisation. My work is about transforming a persons working life to one which is meaningful, focused & open, which […]
30 September 2010

The two ‘C’s’ of Coaching

27 August 2010

Confused? What is coaching in its truest sense?

I had a conversation with an old friend recently who asked if I went around fixing people in my profession and if I fixed every Tom, Dick and Harry I met. Well the answer is No. I accept people at […]
15 July 2010

What you don’t know won’t affect you, but if you did know, it could make things very different

I met an ex-colleague a few weeks ago who was a huge asset to my team. A good team player and productive employee, someone i would not hesitate to hire if i was back in a management role. While working […]
9 June 2010

Taking the Economic Market to a New Level?

I was invited along to hear a panel discussion where the topic was on the economic climate in the UK, with a particular reference to the technology sector. It was an interesting conversation and heated debate with experts from the […]
29 March 2010

Close Proximity

Keep your employees and colleagues informed. Lack of regular communication means distance and inevitably they will feel cut off. Keep them updated and they will feel like part of the team and valued. Its just so simple isn’t it?
28 March 2010

Does business have to be serious all the time?

Project plans, Milestones, Deadlines, Give the client a solution which exceeds their expectations within budget and on time… Does it all have to be so serious? Not at all. In fact, in an environment where there is banter or an […]
28 March 2010

Respect, Commitment & Loyalty

All values which can form the foundation of any relationship. For example, if you’re passionate about living on a healthy planet you will inevitably go for eco friendly and green solutions in the office and at home. If you’re interesting […]
28 March 2010

Quality Vs Quantity?

So when you’re looking at value you’re getting from the employees, are you judging this by the quality or the quantity of work they do? Which one is right and which one do you acknowledge in appraisals or indirectly consider […]
28 March 2010

Are you the sheep or the shepherd?

I’ve just challenged a colleague about where she should position herself in the Market. “The market is not in a position to use our services” she said “they have cut budgets on training and development, these are the first things […]
27 March 2010

If there's a lull, it's time for a change in direction

In the current market downturn, things may well be difficult but there is also a real opportunity for change and growth. A stagnant market generally means slow progress and a low morale as we wait for the market to change. […]