Coronavirus (COVID-19) Voluntary Support for Front-Line Staff

With the current COVID-19 situation, we are acutely aware that those on the front line in our communities may need the time and space to receive independent support.
Our professional coaches are offering their coaching services to assist those on the front line in public services (e.g. NHS, Police & Teachers) during this uncertain period.
Contact the coaches direct – they are currently offering these services for free.

Diana-Elena Morosanu

Languages : Romanian, English & Italian

Contact : Diana Morosanu
Skype : dea1912

Location : Romania / International

ICF trained coach, energetic coach & therapist, Access Bars & Theta Healing practitioner, working with the conscious and subconscious mind for deep inner connection and self-awareness, also for pragmatic perspectives and solutions to manage all the emotions and the situations that are requesting change.  Diana has 10 years of experience with 1 to 1 sessions, groups sessions in the private & corporate world.

Dr. Laila Gadd. Bsc, DClin.Psy

Languages : English

Contact :

Location : London / New York / International

Dr. Laila Gadd is a seasoned practitioner – having successfully treated hundreds of clients across the spectrum of psychological distress including trauma, depression, bereavement, stress, anxiety, relationship difficulties, life crises and life transitions in community, clinical and private settings. 

Dr. Laila Gadd is a UK HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist in the UK, as well as a US Certified Life Coach.  Her practice integrates the two methodologies to offer the best of what both have to offer with Life Therapy work. 

She has extensive work experience across diverse community populations and age groups – promoting resilience, growth and innate capabilities to shine through  in her clients.

Nahila Hussain

Languages : English, Urdu and Punjabi

Contact :

Location : London / International

Nahila is an active member of Evolve Initiative CIC, bringing a vibrant personality and a wealth of experience gained through her years as a busy mother of four children. She is a great example as how one can successfully balance family life and serving the community.  Nahila is now a life coach and a Mizan Practitioner and would like to serve her community to support them through the current global pandemic. 

Ghazalla Hussain

Languages : English, Urdu and Punjabi

Contact :

Location : London / International

Ghazalla has been a life coach for 3 years and has worked with a number of clients from various different backgrounds. Her passion is to help people to connect with their inner wisdom. She loves seeing the growth in her clients and makes her work worthwhile and fulfilling.

Olu Otudeko

Languages : English

Contact :

Location : London / Africa / International

A certified coach, experienced strategic marketing & partnership consultant & social impact entrepreneur with a unique international skill set acquired in Investment Banking, Marketing & Communication and the Leisure & Entertainment Industries. Olu received her coaching qualification from Noorworks in September 2019. With her skills she has a strong passion to change mindsets and push the pendulum from human doings back to human beings.  Olu graduated from Imperial College London in 2007 with Hons in Applied Business Management and is currently completing her Executive Coaching qualifications with INSEAD Executive Education in Paris. 

Ambreen Pervez

Languages : English, Norwegian and Urdu

Contact : Ambeen

Location : Birmingham, Norway, International

Ambreen is an experienced Success coach, NLP trainer and Hypnotherapist. She has always been fascinated by human behaviour, which is why it’s probably no surprise that she was a Criminologist and went on further to do her MA in Community studies.

Over the past few years she have worked with over 300 women and have helped them to move through their challenges professionally and personally.  She has had the opportunity to deliver training and travel to various countries. Last year she traveled to Pakistan to create awareness about NLP and how anyone can take charge of their mindset and life and the versatility of coaching.

As a success coach, she is passionate about inviting clients to have powerful and honest conversations, accessing their unconscious behaviours and beliefs, in pursuit of their goals and coaching outcomes.

Andy Williams

Languages : English, Welsh

Contact :

Location : London / International

My name is Andy and I am a certified life coach specializing in mental health and well- being. In my life I’ve overcome some major obstacles; I’ve recovered from an alcohol dependency and successfully changed my lifestyle to cope with a chronic illness, rheumatoid arthritis. I’ve managed this through sheer willpower and self- reflection, but this, alone, hasn’t always been enough. I’ve needed the help and guidance of others. Now it’s time for me to use my wealth of personal experience to help unlock another person’s potential. A time to give back. Coaching is about helping people to learn about themselves rather than teaching them. The truth lies within  you but sometimes we all need a little guidance to get there. I was a teacher for 30 years specializing early years education. I’m also a published novelist and poet and I’m driven by the creative impulse. I also cycled over a 3000 metre mountain pass in South Africa to raise money for an arthritis charity.

Maariyah Mahmood

Languages : English and Punjabi

Contact : 

Location : Birmingham / International

Maariyah is an experienced coach and therapist providing services to women in their goals and mindset so that they can achieve optimum success in their professional lives, health and relationships.
She is also a Registered Pharmacist and has over twenty years experience working in the NHS.   She is  passionate about the health and well being of women in particular. She is familiar with the life challenges that can arise that can lead to stress overload, overwhelm and anxiety and the subsequent impact on a persons  physical and mental health and well-being. 

Her sessions support women to create change and reach their goals by undertaking “deep inner work” through use of various techniques and empowering them with tools and strategies to move forward. 

With the current situation of Covid-19 unfolding before us and the extreme stress that it may be creating in people’s lives she wants to extend her support by providing her coaching services to those women in need,

Shazia Nizam

Languages : English and Urdu

Contact :

Location : London / International

After running a record label, having my own cultural marketing agency and being a co-founder of a cross cultural multi border entertainment start up, I trained to become a coach and it transformed my life.  

Since then I have been working to offer one to one sessions, workshops and programmes around wellbeing, leadership, spirituality, diversity – with a heart centred approach, guiding clients to see the power of thought and how they can really change their own trajectories.

As an ICF trained coach and a three Principles practitioner, I have also been privileged to take the Noorworks programme to Pakistan to train others to become coaches.  I am DBS approved and work with children and adults

I look at our diverse natures including neuro diversity and environments, how affected we are by society and how our biases impact our thinking and how by observing this we can impact real social change. 

Saema Shaikh

Languages : English, Gujarati & Hindi

Contact :

Location : London / International

Saema has worked in the NHS for over 20 years, from medical secretary to business manager. She decided to train as coach after seeing the unlocking of potential within herself and peers.  

Saema believes that developing and sustaining resilience is the key to a successful working life and life in general.  She has worked with clients to take the leap into the unknown, achieve their goals, and land the job through interview preparation – it’s not just all about answering questions.   
‘Abracadabra’ – from the Aramaic phrase, “I will create as I speak”….

Nazra Zuhyle

Languages : English, Sinhalese

Contact :
Calls can be scheduled on WhatsApp once a session has been arranged

Location : Sri Lanka / London / International

Nazra is a life coach and workshop facilitator who has been coaching since 2016. 
Following her coaching training at Noorworks,  she worked as life coach for Goddards, Manchester where she coached and mentored individuals back to work. She also recently trained as an NLP Practitioner. 
Nazra has run self-development workshops and wellness retreats for people of varying age groups and backgrounds across London, Spain and Sri Lanka. 
Training has a coach had a significant and transformative impact on her life. Still repeaing from the benefits of coaching in her own personal life,  was having on her personal and professional life she is passionate about supporting people to discover their inner truths and wisdom.

Shamila Hussain

Languages : English, Urdu, Punjabi

Contact :

Location : London / International

Since becoming a Life Coach in 2018, Shamala has been working on techniques where she can incorporate coaching into everyday activities for young children. She admires how children articulate themselves in creative ways.  She is keen to work with parents and children to see the best within themselves and reflect that positivity on each other.

Aamna Khokhar

Languages : English & Punjabi

Contact :

Location :
London / International

Aamna began studying human nature at undergraduate level and has completed a degree in Psychology. She became interested in child development and proceeded to complete a PGCE to allow her to study the learning mind. During her years as a teacher she then decided to advance her understanding of human development by completing an MA in Education where she looked in depth at motivation and achievement. Fascinated with thinking minds she set up a charity to assist others to be able to empower children with education in South Asia. Armed with the belief that knowledge is power and that the answers are within us she completed her training in Life Coaching in 2015 and today coaches clients in a variety of fields with the view to leaving them empowered and free to live the lives that they wish to live. Aamna continues her professional development regularly and has recently completed courses in Islamic Counselling and Mindfulness.

Ionela Dumea

Languages : English & Romanian

Contact :,

Location : London, Romania, International

Ionela is a qualified Life Coach and Trainer, NLP Practitioner & Master. She started the journey in the self-development expertise area in 2013 when she signed up for her NLP training. Although the interest and passion for inner mechanism of healthy, happy, balanced people was born long before that. She has a continuous interest in what makes people truly happy and her life purpose is to find out the individual secrets of their own well-being.

Shamela Kylassum

Languages : English

Contact :

Location : London, Mauritius, International

Like many practitioners in this space, I am passionate about the development of individuals. I believe the secret to organisations performing well is to ensure their people are able to bring all their strengths to the workplace. I use a positive psychology/ strengths based approach, and add in NLP, neuroscience, and mindfulness training so that I help the whole person achieve their goals. Clients find that I am able to provide them with the space and stillness for them to explore some of their blockers, and a mirror to their own values and strengths.