Executive Coaching Team

Mahnaz Bhatti

Mahnaz started her career in technology in Investment Banking in 1993 as an applications developer and left in 2003 as the Global Head of Sales Technology, after also having worked on take over and merger change programmes. While in her last role, she was offered Executive Coaching and took it, curious to know what it was all about. The results were significant. It gave her clarity and strategic focus and is the reason why she now offers this service to organisations. She works in collaboration with a company to design and deliver services, ranging from one to one coaching and coaching programs, to a one off or a series of training/facilitated workshops. She have also worked for the NHS, Telecommunication organisations and socially focussed companies who work for the betterment of society.

She is passionate about working with people who are in leadership positions or those who are in transition into leadership roles, supporting and challenging them in their performance to get to where they want to be in alignment with the organisations values.

She would consider her main areas of expertise to be in Executive performance, Increased personal effectiveness in the workplace as a Manager, Communication skills, State Management with Emotional Intelligence while tuning into their creative mind so that new ideas can flow through generative creativity.

Mike Priestley

Mike has a lifetime of experience in developing outstanding sales performers in field sales, telesales, sales management and sales executive roles. In corporate life he operated as a director of sales training for a major blue chip Fortune 500 sales organisation, designing and delivering training courses through a team of sales training professionals. He has worked throughout the world developing selling skills and improving sales performance. His impact on Sales Teams is truly outstanding!

Fernande Turgeon

Fern is an international business coach specialising in leadership and strategic issues, business networking and crisis management. She has an extensive business experience of more than 30 years in managing large diversified and intergenerational teams across different countries and has been responsible, among other projects, for the planning, coordination and development of the corporate strategic planning for Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE) and was instrumental in the creation of both BCE Emergis and Sympatico. She has recently been invited as a speaker in Geneva on “leadership for the third millennium” and has trained groups of European and American business women on organic leadership (without formal power). She has also lectured at the University of Québec in Montréal (UQAM) on the art of negotiating leveraging the non-verbal communication.

Xavier Lee

Xavier Lee is an international leadership trainer, business consultant, and executive coach specializing in high performance team building and mindfulness. He specialises in helping leaders and individuals build high performance culture through enhancing emotional/social intelligence, mindfulness, and practical leadership skills in organisations. He draws from a rich global leadership experience, having served in strategic planning and marketing positions at Fortune 100 companies such as American Express and Cigna in US and international markets. As VP of Strategic Marketing at Cigna International, he led New Product Development, Internet Business, and Strategic Marketing business units, and was recognised for his ability to build high performance teams. Xavier and his team achieved 300% increase in new product portfolio in less than 12 months. Xavier has led leadership and business trainings in organisations such as Atotech, BMW, Boeringer Ingelheim, Goldcorp, Hult International Business School, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Project Management Institute, Shire Pharmaceuticals, Stanford Hospital and Whole Foods. He has created and led numerous leadership programs, including an Executive Leadership and Coaching course at ICG, and also an innovative leadership program for international C-level executives at Silicon Valley. Program participants unanimously rated the program as “one of the best leadership programs” in their post-program surveys. He currently serves as faculty and leadership member of Ideal Coaching Global, as co-facilitator for CORE Mastermind Group, and a partner at Centered Leadership Institute. Xavier holds an MBA from Cornell University where he was awarded the prestigious Park Leadership Fellowship, and a BA in International Relations from University of California where he was awarded Full Army ROTC scholarship.

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca began her career as a commercial lawyer in London and moved into management consulting before setting up her own business specializing in leadership development, cultural development and team coaching. She has been coaching leaders since 2004 and is the founder of Brompton Associates. www.bromptonassociates.com She brings her strong commercial awareness, compassion and humour to her role. Comfortable working at all levels including Board Level, Rebecca has guided many leaders to make the changes required in them first, in order to deliver their strategic plans. Her whole systems approach to working with individuals, teams and organizations means that some of her interventions seem unconventional at first, but they have created sustainable transformation and business results. She believes in walking her talk and has a meditation, yoga and breath work practice together with continuing to develop herself as a coach.