The Somatic Journey

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10 December 2013
One to One Life Coaching
23 February 2014

Cory Cook
“Thank you for this amazing experience - I had hoped to come away with some clarity, but had no idea how specific, meaningful and relevant the insights would be. A very profound journey, I highly recommend.”

"All I can say was I was so glad my friend invited me in the end. I had such fun, but more importantly the next day, I felt alive and was not procrastinating on my work for once. Something inside of me kept telling me, everything will be ok. Thank you Mahnaz, this is the beginning of a wonderful journey."

“Before I went on the program i was really quite unsure about what to expect. I knew I was with someone i trusted so I decided to go with it and just see what I found. At first I was a little apprehensive and wasn’t sure it was me (I’m not a 'mover') but despite the old routines I decided to give it a go. I was amazed to find that my body had been holding so much and it wasn’t just that i felt the release on the day but for many days afterwards. I cannot wait till the next one.”

“Thank you so much. That was uplifting, bonding, strong, peaceful and relaxing. Bless x”

“The love in the room was really uplifting”

Keenayah :)
“Thanks so so much for this session. It left me so relaxed and peaceful and the environment was honestly so warm and cosy.”

“I don't have words to describe the experience, it was beyond words. Thank you for creating this safe space where I can explore and 'be'”

“A space to truly let go, and connect with a deep part of yourself”