Ghazalla Hussain

To Accredit or not, that is the question….
4 December 2017
"Life Can Be Humbling If You Let It" by Ahmad Jooma
2 January 2018

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My biggest achievement in life by far are my four amazing children. Being a mum at a young age was challenging to say the least but I have certainly learnt and gained so much from these unique and precious relationships and still am! 
Most of my working life I have been with the Civil Service and currently I am working right in the centre of democracy, the Houses of Parliament Outreach and Engagement service. Being part of a service which actively works to engage people and make them aware of how they can have their voice heard makes me feel proud to be part of an establishment that proactively promotes inclusivity.
I have been involved with and volunteered in many community projects and initiatives. Serving a community that I am part of is enriching and empowering. I continue to be active in the community and also want to provide opportunities for others to experience getting involved in the community they are a part of. I am currently developing a leadership programme for 18-24 year olds, with the aim of providing them with a pool of mentors to work with on projects serving various different community groups. 
I love nature and organise an annual Pennine Way challenge, with a group of walkers which include young children. Each challenge serves as a fundraising opportunity in which we have supported a number different charities around the world. 
I discovered a passion of reading books recently something which I hated as a child. Whenever I would read a really good book I realised I didn’t have anyone to discuss it with! With this in mind my new hobby led me to set up a bookclub for women particularly for those who ‘just didn’t have the time to read’. It has been amazing to see this group grow and hearing the feedback that this club has reignited their love for books which they hadn’t even realised had fizzled out.
I am a real people’ person which is why I believe I was led to the path of becoming a coach. It was not even on my radar and so through the divine powers this came across my path and I have wholly embraced it. Through this journey my desire to work with people to assist them in reaching their full potential has increased manifold and is extremely fulfilling.
3 facts

  • I am a chocoholic
  • I challenge cultural sterotypes
  • I have had two planned homebirths